Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jackpot June Day 3

Jackpot June



One of the following Level 2 Paper Packs is the Mystery Jackpot Item for today.  Order the right one and you will receive the My Creations Acrylic Mini Album for FREE!!! (retail value:  $17.50)  Order one of each paper pack and you will guarantee that you will receive the album.

Boom di Ada



Game On

Perfect Day

When you order all 5 paper packs today you will pay $67.75 including shipping and taxes.  If you were to order all 5 and the album tomorrow you would pay $118.65 including shipping and taxes.  So why not order today and save over $50! 

Don't want to order all 5 paper packs?  That's ok - just order one at the special price of $10 today, and you may still receive the acrylic mini album free.  

 **The special $10 price is only available on these 5 paper packs today.**

To see some items I have created click on the name of the paper:  Emporium, Perfect Day  and Daydream.

 Check out Barbra's blog to see the acrylic album she has created.

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