Friday, June 11, 2010


I just have to say how much I LOVE our albums from Close to My Heart. I haven't really realized it until now.

Here's the story .....

I have gremlins in the house. Yep gremlins. First they took some of my completed pages. Then they took my heat gun. And now they have taken my distressing kit - the WHOLE thing!!! But they did return the completed pages.

I had redone some of the pages and put them in an album that isn't ours - you know the ones that you adhere everything to a page that is "bound" to the book and then you add the page protector over top, so you really can't change the sequence of them. (I was trying to use the other album and pages up.)

The problem now is because I'm a chronological scrapper things HAVE to be in the right order or my world is turned upside down. So now I have to try to gently remove the completed pages of munchkin opening birthday presents and move them so that the pictures of the cake can go in first. I can't leave it either because it was munchkins first birthday.

Hopefully I can finish that this weekend and leave those "yucky" albums for good for the world of Close to My Heart albums!!!!!!!!!

Now to find where the gremlins are hiding the rest of my stuff.........

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