Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy Could Do It

The other day the radio station we listen to was having a "Pay for Play" Day.  If you bought a ticket for a lottery that was in support of the local children's hospital you could request a song.

So we're int he car, and Monkey say's  "Mommy it's Lightening McQueen!"  Now I do admit it took me a minute to realize he was referring to the song on the radio - Tom Cocharane's "Life is a Highway".  Once it was over he said he wanted to listen to it again.  I told him I couldn't put it on again, but we would try to find it over the weekend.  Again later in the day in the car he told me he wanted to listen to Lightening McQueen again.  I told him again that we would try to find it over the weekend.

The next day he's in the car with his dad and says that he want's to listen to Lightening McQueen.  Daddy says that he can't make it play on the radio, but we'll try to find it at home.  Monkey's response ..... "Mommy could do it."

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