Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crop and Thanks

I attended a United Way Fundraising Crop on Friday Night.  While I had a good time once I got there although I almost talked myself out of going....

I had taken the day of work - I had thought that I may have a day to create by myself, but Princess wasn't 100%, so she stayed home.  And I figured that we might as well pick Monkey up after school and then I could spend the afternoon with him too.  Things were going ok other than Princess being crabby (she had her immunizations the day before), but I thought hoped she would have a good nap in the afternoon.  Boy was I wrong.  She only slept an hour, and then woke up crying, which in turn woke her brother up.  So I didn't have time to pack my stuff for the crop that night.

Then the afternoon was spent telling the children not to run in the house, don't hit your brother, stop teasing your sister, you get the idea.  We couldn't go outside because it was P-O-U-R-I-N-G and we were having a strange thunder storm.  Now I know they were acting like a typical brother and sister who didn't have any outside time (I'm sure my brother and I did that countless times), but I was still trying to figure out how I was going to pack for my crop.

Then DH finally gets home and convinces me to go to my crop.  So I run downstairs, get my stuff packed and head out.  It's still pouring and I realize about half way to the crop that I've left ALL of my blocks at home.  Now the crop was a good 30-40 minute drive from my house, so I wasn't turning around to go back for them.  I start thinking of all the things I was going to accomplish that night, and trying to figure out what I can do now that I've forgotten my blocks.

I get to the crop and it's still pouring.  I decide that since I don't have my blocks, I'll leave my bag of inks in the car.  No point in taking them in if I can't use them right????  Once I'm there I start cutting papers for cards.  Over the course of the evening I cut enough paper to make about 120 cards.  However, I realized as I try to put them together that I've left my adhesive with my inks - I had refills coming out the wazoo, but no actual adhesive container.

A fellow CTMH consultant (Jenn McMillan) was there and was teaching a make and take.  So I decided to sign up for it.  And it wasn't until I went to make the card that I remembered - I had no adhesive.  Luckily Kindell who was sitting next to me let me borrow hers.  So here is the ONLY item I finished in the 4.5 hours I was at the crop....

So if you stayed with me this long to read my sad story - thanks.  Maybe you even had a little smile or chuckle at my expense (that's ok, I can laugh at it too now.)  Don't forget to keep checking back as I finish those 120 cards and post them here for you to see.

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Supplies used(all CTMH unless otherwise noted):
Paper: Mayberry
Stamps: Fill in the Blank, (not sure where the Thank you sentiment is from)
Ink: Tulip
Embellishments:  Wooden button, organza ribbon, waxy flax
Other items:  Cricut Art Philosophy
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