Monday, April 29, 2013

Forest City Road Race

I completed my very first 5K yesterday at the Forest City Road Race (#fcrr).  I have to admit that I had NO idea what to expect as I didn't know anyone else who was running.  But the volunteers were AWESOME.  From when I picked up my kit on Saturday afternoon and had to ask what to do when I got to the park the next morning, to the spectators and volunteers along the route, to the people handing out brown paper bags after the race - for the food in the tent (who knew?).

People talk about this runners "high" that you get.  I don't know that I had that per se, but I do have to say that I may be hooked on the races.  I had an AMAZING time.  It was incredible to see the variety of people who were out there doing it.  I have 2 more races lined up for this year - a 5K in July and a 1/2 marathon in September, but I think I'll be adding a few more.  I keep joking that I want to do one of the Disney ones, but I'm more serious about it now, and will be planning for that in a few years.

My kids (3 and 5) were so excited about the race, that we signed them up to run the fun run (1K).  My hubby and father in law ran with them, but my son left his dad in the dust.  I didn't even get a picture of my son running to the finish line he was so fast.  And I honestly think that the best part of them running, is that my son wants to do it again the next time we are at his grandparents house.  So I'll be spending some time finding some races that we can all do.

My goal for my first race was to finish in 45 minutes.  Well I did that, here are my stats:
Chip Time: 41:22
Place overall: 718 out of 810
Place for females:  478 out of 554
Place for age group:  91 out of 98
Time/km:  8.23

At this point my next race is July 10.  I'm hoping to break the 40 minute mark.

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